Video for the Week of 11-15-21 (815) 434-4322. In the first-of-its-kind video, we bring together two ancient practices, apparel decorating and yoga. Mike introduces you to our journey linking yoga poses to this week’s projects. Embroidered beanies for Alta Equipment Company are appropriately paired with the Headstand Prep pose, and Alta’s left front embroidered logo has the Bird of Paradise pose. Towels, burp cloths, and beanies were made for a baby, and our pose is the Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff. An embroidered hoodie for Christ School in Little Rock has the Palms In Reverse Prayer pose. We added a name to a Farm & Fleet jacket, together with the Praying Mudra pose. A jacket for the Illinois Department of Corrections has an embroidered badge and name, and is shown with the Fallen Triangle pose. Jeremiah Joe Coffee also has a left front logo, on a hoodie, teamed up with the Tree pose. A sweathirt for Monte’s Riverside in has front and bacy embroidery. The front wine glass is depicted with the Happy Babby pose, and the back design is with the Warrior Three pose, and with the Chair pose. The Cow pose is with an embroidered robe, for a bridal party. Caps for Summers Motorsports share space with the Eight Angle pose, and a second design comes with the Half Frog pose. We etched a memorial plaque made from aluminum plate, shown together with the Eight Point Shoulder pose. Prints start off with a full front t-shirt for Christ School in Little Rock, together with the Eye of the Needle pose. A sweatshrt for Jeremiah Joi Coffee has a front design, and is partnered with the Frog pose. A stadium chair has Marquette Crusaders on its back, next to the Reclined Hero pose. Skirts for St. Bede’s cheerleaders have vinyl strips, shown with the Side Crow pose.

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