Video for the Week of 12-14-20 (815) 434-4322. Our jackets video starts with an embroidered fleece vest, a left front monogram. Jackets were embroidered for Alloy Specialties and CMS Aerospace. Joe’s Stationhouse Pizzeria has a version of its logo over the heart on sweatshirts. Monte’s Riverside Inn has a full back embroidered logo on sweatshirts. Another over the heart logo on a jacket is for NCAT, the North Central Area Transit system. NCAT also has its logo on caps. August Hill Winery has embroidered blankets, and towels were embroidered with a race car and name for a young boy.

T-shirts this week include prints for Alloy Specialties, for their 20th Anniversary year. Illinois Valley Gymnastics Academy has several large print front designs on sweatshirts and tees. NCAT also has a print on a tee, a full front design. Finally, we have a print design on a bag for Xplosion.

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