Video for the Week of 12-18-17

Personalized Sweatshirts And Polos Ottawa IL 12-18-17 (815) 434-4322. The Starved Rock Yacht Club has an appliqued hoodie this week. Crossfit 350 has an interesting contrast. You’ll see a front and back embroidered designs on a hoodie, and the same designs in print on a t-shirt. They also have their logo on a pair of sweatpants.

An Exelon shirt has an embroidered logo, and Jeremiah Joe has an embroidered apron.

Marquette Academy has several different items, starting out with a softball hoodie embroidered on the front and back. A logo is embroidered on a sweatshirt, and a hoodie shows a Performing Arts design. The Marquette Academy shield is embroidered on a dress shirt and a sweater. The last embroidered piece for Marquette is a sweatshirt with a Marquette Crusaders front.

Prints for Marquette Academy are a basketball sweatshirt, pants with a vertical design on the leg, and a full front sweatshirt.

It’s still the Christmas season, and we have a last-minute Christmas stocking. A couple of different non-Christmas front and back designs are shown on polos.

There are a couple of embroidered monograms, one on a vest, and the other on a tee. Ruby Home Inspections has a logo on a dress shirt, Ottawa Friendship House has a name and logo on a hoodie. For North Central Area Transit, we/ve got a jacket embroidered with a logo over the heart, and a full front print on a hoodie.

Trainor Flooring has front and back prints on a t-shirt. For Alloy Specialties, the front and back designs are on a sweatshirt.

Gray’s School of Dance has several prints, on a jacket, a t-shirt, and on a hoodie

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