Video for the Week of 2-24-20 (815) 434-4322. The embroidered section of our video begins with a jacket for Alloy Specialties, after which is another jacket, this one is for Marquette Academy. We have one embroidered hoodie this week, for Ottawa Friendship house. After this is a pillow embroidered for a wedding. Then we have a blanket done for an Ottawa High School pom. On the blanket is a sublimated ribbon with the Sectional, Divisional, and State Championships listed.

We have hoodies with front and back print designs for La Salle Station’s Unit 1 18th Refuel Outage. A front print with a name and logo on a hoodie concludes the video. The hoodie was done for Freedom Transport.

The video finishes up with sublimated ribbons, made for a couple soon to be married.

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