Video for the Week of 3-23-20 (815) 434-4322. Deremer Coaching starts out our embroidery pieces for this video with 2 jackets and a sweater. A baby blanket is colorfully embroidered with the baby’s birth data. A band called Wired has a cap with its name. Starved Rock Yacht Club has several different designs on jackets and vests, plus a pennant on the top back. There’s a printed piece for the Starved Rock Yacht Club, a front design on a sweatshirt. Embroidered logos are also on 2 pieces for Marquette Academy, the first is a jacket, and the other a long-sleeved polo. Another piece for Marquette Academy is a cap with a Crusader. Marquette Academy also has a gold sequence front print on a hoodie. Other print hoodies are front and back designs for the Dresden Unit 1 26th Refuel Outage. The video concludes with front and back designs on a jersey for nZo.

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