Video for the Week of 3-8-21 (815) 434-4322. An embroidered EMT jacket is the first thing you’ll see in this week’s video. Monte’s Riverside Inn has a full back design on a hoodie. A blanket, cap, and burp cloths are for a new baby boy. Twisted Palms has a jacket with an embroidered left front design. A pennant is embroidered on the back of a jacket for the Starved Rock Yacht Club. The Starved Rock Yacht Club has a pennant embroidered on the back of a jacket, and its name embroidered on a cap.

The Starved Rock Yacht Club also has some prints. One hoodie has sleeve designs, as well as a left front print. A second hoodie has slightly different designs in the same places. A tee has “Martin Luther” printed on it. This week has more Covid masks, for Ottawa Friendship House. The Illinois Valley Gymnastics Academy also has printed bags.

IVGA also has more rhinestone jackets. The one shown has front and back designs.

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