Video for the Week of 4-23-18 (815) 434-4322. We start out this video with a couple of embroidery pieces. The first is a t-shirt for the Cantlin Law Firm. The second is a polo for Ottawa Friendship

Prints start out with a safety shirt for the Army corps of Engineers, front and back. A tee expresses a
woman’s canine feelings. A onesie has a business’ name on it. A sleeveless tee is shown sporting a design for Gray’s School of Dance, with a name on the back. A back print on a tee is for the Horse & Pony Committee of the La Salle County’s 4H organization. A sweatshirt features a print for the La S High School’s Cavaliers. A tee for RF Laboratories shows off front and back designs. A sweatshirt for the Starved Rock Yacht Club has printed sleeves, and a back design. The last print is a front logo on a lady’s tee for the Starved Rock Yacht Club.

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