Video for the Week of 4-26-21 (815) 434-4322. The first items you’ll see in this week’s video are embroidered jackets. They were done for Joe’s Station House Pizzeria, Ottawa High School, NCAT, and the chief of the Serena Fire Department. Marquette Academy has an embroidered polo. Starved Rock has several different designs on caps, and another cap was embroidered for Wired, a band. The last embroidered piece is a Henley tee for the Collier-Casey Estate.

Prints start out with a jersey for a softball grandma. Starved Rock Yacht Club also has a hoodie with print designs on sleeves, and left front. The Yacht Club has a full front design and a smaller back design on a sleeveless tee. Another tee has a different full front print for Starved Rock Yacht Club. We have matching adult-child prints on tees. Ottawa High School’s softball team also has a front print on a t-shirt. Gaiters were done for Monte’s Riverside Inn, and we finish with numbered masks for a girls’ softball team.

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