Video for the Week of 4-8-19 (815) 434-4322. This video shows several business polos with embroidery. We have polos for Acuron Flexi, Halex GT, Flextar, Triva Pro, and also for Marquette Academy. Marquette also has an embroidered cap, and Miravis has its name embroidered on a sweatshirt sleeve. Syngenta has its name embroidered on the back of a sweater. There’s also an embroidered shirt for Norway Kennels. The Cantlin Law Firm has its logo embroidered on a jacket.

Prints were done on t-shirts for Little Rock’s Christ Lutheran School track team. La Salle-Peru Cavaliers had front and back designs on a hoodie. Norway Kennels also had a tee done with a print.

We have sublimation, too. There are locker tags for Edwards Hospital, and a family picture on a glass cutting board.

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