Video for the Week of 5-14-18 (815) 434-4322. Appliqued items this week are for the GamecocksTraveling Baseball team, and a blanket for Marquette Academy.

Then comes embroidery, leading off with a cap for Culligan Water, visors for a Women’s golf team, and a cap for the Ottawa Police Department. The Ottawa Vistors Center has a polo with an embroidered logo.

The OHS band has embroidered windbreakers, and Whalen Farms has a logo embroidered on a t-shirt. Other prints are on tees for the Firts National Bank’s little league team, For prints, we start out with a tee for a baseball fan, and front and back designs for Capsel Pro
Moving. KD’s Cleaning also has fornt and back designs on a tee. Marquete Academy has its name on a bag, followed by prints on tees for an individual and for a sister. the next print show a wine and softball theme, and the last print is for Woodridge softball.

The tee with a picture of Berry Lake WI is sublimated.

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