Video for the Week of 5-21-18 (815) 434-4322. We have embroidery for several businesses and for school. We embroidered Carhartts for Pro Remodeling, polos for the Chicago Catholic, tees for Corner 230, a bag for Jeremiah Joe Coffee, and a logo on a t-shirt for Ottawa Friendship House. We did caps and jackets for the Ottawa Pirates, and embroidered an initial on a chef’s jacket.

Prints start out with a statement on a tee about adulthood. there are sports tees for Ottawa Girls Fast Pitch, a sweatshirt for a softball team, a t-shirt for the Special Olympics, and front and back designs for Halm Electric.

Etching includes mugs and wine glasses for Eureka College, metal mugs for a medical group, and a wedding wine glass.

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