Video for the Week of 6-15-20 (815) 434-4322. Embroidery and prints are showcased in this video. We begin with two bags, each of which has a name embroidered on it. You don’t expect to see Christmas stockings in June, but some people think ahead and get ready for the holidays. This stocking also has an embroidered name. Next come monogrammed squares that are to be used in a sewing project. We have the logo of Pavers & More embroidered on a polo. Finishing off this week’s embroidery projects are a cap and a denim shirt for a Chicago civic group.

Prints start of with Cousins tees, followed by a full front design on a sweatshirt for the La Salle County health department. A pillow is printed with a student’s school. We’ve got printed gaiters for TNT Lawn Care, which are functional even outside of pandemics. Ziebart of Ottawa has a front left print, and a full back design on a t-shirt.

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