What We Did Last Week 12-24-18

http://www.theidentityplace.com. (815) 434-4322. We have embroidered towels and Christmas stockings starting this video off. Then we have jackets for Joe’s Station House Pizzeria, Marquette Academy, and the Ottawa Pirates. Jeremiah Joe’s has their logo embroidered on a shirt. The M on the next item looks like it’s embroidered on a robe, but it is actually a sweater. The sweater following has a monogram on a sleeve. Then come two polos for Rutland School, and finitsh the embroidery with hats and beanies for the Werner Pulling Team.

There are a fair amount of different prints this week, beginning with a bag and jersey designs for an individual. Gray’s School of Dance has several sweatshirts. A set of tees was made for the oldest, middle, and youngest kids in a family. There are two Ottawa Pirate basketball sweatshirts, one for the Lady Pirates.

Ivga has a bag with IVGA and a name, and a rhinestone jacket. The video ends with an etched bottle of whiskey.

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