What We Did Last Week 12-3-18

http://www.theidentityplace.com. (815) 434-4322. We start out with a Bil Walsh jacket embroidered front and back. Another jacket for K.C. Mechanical has an embroidered back. Next is an embroidered bag for a horse competition. Embroidery is also on a couple of Sherpa jackets, one haing a monogram, and the other an “O” for the Ottawa High School poms.It’s still the season for Christmas stockings, a pair of which have embroidered names.

Pro Rmodeling also has an embroidered jacket. A St. Bede’s cheerleader uniform has a Bruins paw applique, plus embroidery. Starved Rock yacht Club had embroidery don on caps. Still more embroidered items include a hoodie for Marquette Academy, and another Marquette Academy hoodie that features embroidery with applique.

Also for Marquette Academy is a hoodie with prints on the sleeves, and a sweatshirt with a Crusader design. The Ottawa Poms had a t-shirt that had front and back print designs. The Ottawa Outlas softball team had a full front print on a sweatshirt.

The video finishes with a personal message on a tee for a talker.

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