Facebook Video Covers

Your Facebook Business Page doesn’t have to be a static, dead, space filler. You can turn it ino a dynamic, living jumbotron on your customers’ devices with a Facebook cover video.

Your cover takes up about half of the screen when viewed on a mobile device, and what better way to grab somebody’s eye than with motion?

We currently offer three different types of Facebook video covers, each of which has a specific focus.

Branding Video Covers

Do you want your customers to be aware of who you are, and all the things you do? A branding video cover will let them know what you can do for them.


Special Event/Offer Video Covers

Do you have a special promotion coming up? An Offer Video Cover will help you promote it.


Reputation Video Covers

Multiply the effectiveness of the 5-star reviews that your customers give you on Facebook, Google, or review sites. We will turn one of your 5-star reviews into a professional-looking Reputation Video Cover for your Facebook business page.

 Why are there subtitles in our Reputation Video covers?

Because Facebook automatically mutes the video. The listener can turn on the audio by clicking in the lower right corner of the video cover. However, if  the viewer doesn’t enable the audio, he or she can still get the audio message by reading the subtitles. This is another level of service that we do in order to maximize the effect of your video cover.

To order your Facebook Video Cover, call us at (815) 434-4322. Package prices are available.