Video for the Week of 11-13-17 (815) 434-4322. Starting with Marquette Academy, we have applique on a sweatshirt, and embroidered logos on beanies and polos. Then, for the Starved Yacht Rock Club, we have an appliqued hoodie, and a hoodie with print sleeves.

Christ Lutheran School in Little Rock has a logo on a jacket, followed by an embroidered jacket for an Ottawa EMT. Other items are caps for Joe’s Station House Pizza, and a shirt for Peoria’s Catholic Diocese. AC Concrete has embroidered beanies, and front and back
prints on a t-shirt. Afterward, names are embroidered on Christmas tockings, and there are front and sleeve prints on a hoodie. Other prints are letters on a cheerleader top for Holy Family School, and front and back designs for the Ottawa Pirates Booster Club.

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