Video for the Week of 11-20-17 (815) 434-4322. We begin this video with a fleece jacket with an appliqued Marquette Academy design. Following this are several Christmas stockings with names embroidered on them. Then comes logo on a polo for Eriksson Engineering, a Department of Corrections logo on a jacket, and a teacher’s name on a jacket for the Illinois Valley Gymnastics Academy. Also for IVGA is an embroidered bag.

Marquette Academy embroidery includes headbands, polos, pants, and sweaters. There’s a monogram on a jeans jacket, a hoodie for Ottawa Central Dispatch, and caps for the Ottawa Police Department.

Precision K9 has a logo on a jacket, and names on towels for individuals. Also shown is an embroidered baby blanket, and a polo for Top Shelf Rides.

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