Video for the Week of 12-21-20 (815) 434-4322. Non-Christmas polos begon this week’s video. First are Bill Walsh Automotive Group polos, with a small logo on the back, just below the neck, and a sleeve design too. MTZ Landscaping has an embroidered left front logo. Stack Test Group also has a left front design, on a jacket. Jeremiah Joe Coffee has an embroidered apron. It’s Christmastime, so we have Christmas stockings, and embroidered gift items, such as an apron and hat for a young chef, vests for Joe’s Station House Pizzeria, a hoodie and shorts for Monte’s Riverside Inn, and an etched glass.

We have prints for Edwards Hospital, an E on a long sleeve tee. You may be wondering what those things are for Spry Physical Therapy. They are long shoe horns, which would probably come in handy there.

We come back to Christmas, with sublimation, a family’s picture on an ornament.

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