Video for the Week of 12-23-19 (815) 434-4322. It’s the cold weather season, and jackets, vests, and hoodies are very popular items. Our first item is a left front monogram on a white vest, followed by monogrammed hoodies. Next comes another vest with a monogram, after which is a Sherpa with a left front initial. A Marquete Crusaders jacket also has an embroidered name. In a similar vein, an Illinois DOC jacket has en embroidered name and badge. The NCAT logo is embroidered on a jacket. Mlashoski Cattle has a right front design on a quarter-zip jacket, as does RS Photography and Deremer Coaching. Gobbler’s Know logo appears on a quarter-zip back, and the Exelon Generation logo is embroidered on a shirt.

Prints this week are an Ottawa print on a hoodie, and front and back designs on a tee.

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