Video for the Week of 12-25-18 (815) 434-4322. It’s the end of December, and the weather is getting cold. You don’t have to look plain in the winter. Your outerwear can be as personalized as the rest of your clothes.

Our first piece is a traditional appliqued pennant design on the back of a jacket for Marquette Academy. Another jacket is for the Bureau County EMA. Still in the season, we have a bulldog Santa embroidered on a tie. On a baby blanket, a sea shell and a name is embroidered. Names are embroidered on a pair of beanies. Again for Marquette Academy, we have an embroidered bag, an appliqued/embroidered hoodie, and a couple of different embroidered logos on jackets.

A small bag is shown with an initial embroidered on it. We have a sweatshirt embroidered for the Ottawa Central Dispatch, and jackets for Red’s Truck Repair and for Walter Brothers Farms.

The prints shown this week start with a mom’s sweatshirt, and a hoodie that makes a statement about winter. The printed seat back has the last name, as well as the activities the family takes the chair to.

Jackpot Video Gambling has sublimated coin bags that are very colorful, and we finish up the video with etched glass mugs commemorating Eureka College’s football conference title.

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