Video for the Week of 2-17-20 (815) 434-4322. Starting off this week’s video are a couple of beanies. The first is a girl’s name embroidered on a beanie. The other one is for the Elmhurst Junior Women’s Club. The Serena FFA has front and back embroidered designs on a jacket. A hoodie for the Cantlin Law Firm has a front left embroidery. Monte’s Riverside Inn has embroidery on a sweatsuit, and on a sweater. Following that is a bag for Ottawa Friendship House. The last embroidered piece is a left front design on a sweatshirt for Ottawa Savings Bank. We have front and back print designs on a sweatshirt for La Salle Generating Stations Refuel Outage. The video finishes up with sublimated ribbons, made for a couple soon to be married.

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