Video for the Week of 5-6-19 (815) 434-4322. A jersey has front and back appliqued designs for the Illinois Valley Gymnastics Academy. A large front design is on a sweatshirt for Southwest Airlines looks like it could be applique, but it is actually a large, fully-embroidered design.

For embroidery, we start out with a back for the La Salle County 4H. The back of a cap is embroidered for a union local. Culligan of Ottawa has its name embroidered on a shirt. A Marquette Academy logo was embroidered on a hoodie.

The Starved Rock Yacht Club has logos embroidered on a jacket and on a sweatshirt, and a pennant on the back of a sweatshirt.

Ottawa Friendship House has prints on the front and back of a t-shirt. They also have a glass vased etched for a retiree.

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