Video of the Week 6-21-21 (815) 434-4322. We have some embroidered items starting off this video, but thenwe get into printed tees.

A blouse has the Our Lady of Lourdes logo embroidered on the left ftont. Pavers & More also has an embroidered left front logo, on a polo. A seahorse and a name are embroidered on a beach towel.

Leading off the prints is a tee with front and back designs, for DJ’s Carpeting. Starved Rock Yacht Club has sleeveless tees with front and back designs. A regular t-shirt has a print back design for the starved Rock yachtClubs’s smokers. Another regular tee promotes the club’s Mermaid Weekend. The final club piece is a sweatshirt with Starved Rock Yacht Club on its left front. The final items are coozies for ice enthusiasts.

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