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Apparel Decorating

For the highest quality and great-looking designs, embroidery is the method of choice for shirts, jackets, caps, and sweatshirts. It can also be used with blankets, pillowcases, quilt squares, and most anything made from cloth.

For larger designs, such as full back designs on jackets, sweatshirts, or even banners and table covers, embroidery is combined with appliqué to produce rich, 3-dimensional designs at a reasonable cost.

Prints and sublimation are great for t-shirts, because they produce a 2-dimensional design that works well with lighter weight garments.  But they can be used anywhere that embroidery is used, and at a lesser cost.

Graphic Design

Sometimes you have an idea that isn’t quite finished, or you just cant quite put the whole concept into words.

We can help you complete your vision, and bring it to life onto your polos, sweatshirts, baseball caps, and more.

Full-Color Designs With Sublimation

Apparel is only a small part of the capability of sublimation to customize and personalize.

Coffee cups, coozies, name tags, ties, glass cutting boards, ornaments, bottle labels, award plaques, and more. We can even put your favorite picture on a puzzle.

Sublimation Examples